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For the Runtime Debugger + Source Code package, please refer to this Build document.


Xmake is a lightweight cross-platform build utility based on Lua. Please install xmake according to the


  1. Install emscripten.

  2. Unzip Assets/RuntimeDebugger/code/

  3. Locate the xmake.lua file and execute the command in the same level directory.

xmake f -y -p wasm --links=websocket.js
  1. Package the file under build/wasm/x64/release/ in zip format and name it debugger_web.bytes.

  2. Replace the Assets/RuntimeDebugger/Resource/debugger_web.bytes file


  1. Unzip Assets/RuntimeDebugger/code/

  2. Locate the xmake.lua file and execute the command in the same level directory.Here is an example of a windows platform.

xmake f -p windows -a x64 -y
xmake -v -y xhv
  1. macos
xmake -v -y xhv
xmake f -v -y -a arm64
# Create dynamic library files that run natively on Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers.
lipo -create xhv/build/macosx/arm64/release/libxhv.dylib xhv/build/macosx/x86_64/release/libxhv.dylib -output xhv/build/macosx/libxhv.dylib
  1. For other platform commands, refer to xmake's documentation for details.
xmake -v -y xhv
#android arm64-v8a
xmake f -p android --ndk=$ANDROID_NDK_HOME -a arm64-v8a -y
xmake -v -y xhv
#android armeabi-v7a
xmake f -p android --ndk=$ANDROID_NDK_HOME -a armeabi-v7a -y
xmake -v -y xhv
#ios arm64
xmake f -p iphoneos -a arm64 -y
xmake -v -y xhv
  1. Replace the dynamic libraries of each platform in the Assets/RuntimeDebugger/Plugins folder.

  2. iOS platform static library supplement. rd_ios_patch.unitypackage

The current plug-in uses two external libraries and needs to generate static library files for the arm64 architecture of the ios platform.Then find the static library and copy it into the Assets/RuntimeDebugger/Plugins/iphoneos/arm64/release folder. Select the iOS platform and ARM64 architecture in Unity.

xrepo install -p iphoneos -a arm64 libhv
xrepo install -p iphoneos -a arm64 miniz
xrepo packages path@
  1. Test it.